Intake Assessment & Post Test

Our programming begins with the highly effective Conover Assessment tool, which is an evidence based assessment for anger management. The Assessment accurately indicates an individual’s behavioral skills in a number of significant areas, and based on six of the most basic factors related to controlling one’s anger.

The Six Scales

Interpersonal Assertion – A personal communication skill indicated by the direct, honest, and appropriate expression of thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Interpersonal Aggression – A personal communication style which violates, overpowers, dominates, or discredits the other person’s rights, thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

Interpersonal Deference – A Personal communication style which is indirect, self-inhibiting, self-denying & ineffectual for accurate expression of thoughts, feelings & behaviors.

Stress Management – The ability to positively manage stress and anxiety.

Empathy – The ability to accurately understand and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Change Orientation – The degree of motivation and readiness for change in specific skill areas.

Second Step

Anger Management 360 Violence Prevention Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that teaches social and emotional skills for violence prevention. The program is user-friendly and contains parent education components. It aims to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviors and increase protective factors and social competence in children in middle school/ junior high. Participants learn how to respond  to others and practice skill steps for calming down, reducing anger, and solving problems. This curriculum teaches participants to practice empathy, problem-solving skills, risk assessment, decision-making, and goal-setting.

Anger Management

The Adolescent, and Adult Anger Management classes provide education and skills for those who need to learn how to deal with their anger in a positive, functional way. Adult and Adolescent Anger Management classes focus on:

  • The role of individual responsibility in changing unacceptable behavior.
  • Develop a working understanding of anger/stress patterns and responses.
  • Identify “situational anger” that consistently results in angry responses and can lead to aggressive behavior.
  • Eliminate or minimize person directed aggression.
  • Develop communication skills and listening techniques to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Manage Your Anger

The Anger Management 360 curriculum for children utilizes a skill streaming psycho-educational approach to teach psychological and social competencies to children ages 6 to 11. It provides the following core components:

  • Empathy training, in which students identify their own feelings and those of others.
  • Impulse control, in which students are presented a problem-solving strategy and behavioral skills.
  • Anger management, in which students are presented coping strategies and behavioral skills for tense situations.

Organizational Training

Organization Training ensures that workplace anger does not become a problem in your organization, and prevents anger and workplace conflict from influencing your employee’s productivity. Anger, Stress, and Anxiety are some of the problems we all come across in our day to day lives both personally and professionally. People who have high levels of stress and conflict in their lives with minimal amount of coping skills can have the most devastating effect on the work environment and their coworkers.

  • Lower rates of workplace conflict
  • Reduced employee health problems and sick day usage.
  • Improved morale and increased productivity.

Breakthrough Parenting

The award-winning Breakthrough Parenting program is presented by a Certified experienced Parenting Instructor, and is based on Dr. Jayne A. Major’s practical research and real-life experience in training over 20,000 parents. This parenting education course offers an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes of children’s behavior which is key. Applying the Breakthrough Parenting proven methods can turn power struggles with your child into cooperation and communication.

Breakthrough Parenting® teaches parents that the old authoritarian and permissive methods for raising children are the main causes of power struggles and fail to help children develop the “inner guidance” they need to learn to think for themselves and to care about others. Breakthrough Parenting® offers a proven method for raising cooperative, happy and self-confident children.

Our classes will teach you how to:

  • Set appropriate and clear boundaries together with your children.
  • Discipline in a way that promotes willing cooperation from your children.
  • Turn mistakes into positive learning experiences.
  • Promote confidence and healthy self-esteem.
  • Help all family members accept personal responsibility for their actions.
  • Prepare teenagers to make responsible choices as they become
  • Form a deep and lasting bond with your children.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching can be productive for those that require or who would prefer a private setting for their program. Such individuals may include but are not limited to:

  • High Profile Public Individuals.
  • Physicians
  • Law Enforcement.
  • High Level Executive Personnel.
The Executive Coaching Program consists of:
  • Confidential assessment which determines current levels of functioning.
  • Individualized plan of action.
  • Exercises focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence Behavior logging
  • Behavioral strategies for recognizing and managing anger and stress.
    Post-assessment at program termination designed to determine the

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing and mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis. More than 500,000 people across the United States have been trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Mental Health First Aiders Are…Teachers, first responders and veterans. They’re neighbors, parents and friends. They’re people in recovery, and those supporting a family member. They’re First Ladies and Mayors. Mental Health First Aiders are anyone who wants to make their community healthier, happier and safer for all.


Anger Management Classes

Each one hour anger management class session requires a $20 class fee. We recommend a minimum of ten session or ten hours unless otherwise specified by a court or referring source.
Anger Management Work Books

Child Anger Management Classes

We recommend a minimum of ten session or ten hours unless otherwise specified by a referring source

Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Each 1.5 hour class session requires a $25 class fee. We recommend a minimum of ten session or ten hours unless otherwise specified by a court or referring source.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for those who prefer to meet with an anger management facilitator individually.
Organizational Training Mental Health First Aid Second Step Violence Prevention